Stay Covered When You Choose a Certified Pre-Owned BMW Model

The benefit of choosing a BMW Certified Pre-Owned BMW isn't just that you'll be getting a dependable vehicle, but also that you will be getting thorough coverage from the BMW Certified Warranty. This warranty adds additional time after the original coverage has ended, ensuring you'll have the least to worry about during the time that you spend behind the wheel.

We want to help you see how this plan is something that you will love to have in your life.

The Coverage that is Provided

The BMW Certified Warranty covers you for an additional year after the original factory warranty has expired. This coverage lasts for unlimited miles, ensuring you'll have one less thing to worry about while you are driving. You can choose additional plans to further extend coverage after the original warranty has expired, having up to a maximum of six years with unlimited miles.

There are some items not covered by the BMW Certified Warranty and you can contact our team to find out more about them. Our goal is for you to feel confident whenever you are driving, knowing which components are covered and what to expect whenever you get behind the wheel.

We Look Forward to Helping You

Our experts want to show you how a Certified Pre-Owned BMW could be the model you want in your life. No matter if you are choosing a BMW car or a SAV, we will work with you to find the features and options that can make each model right for your needs. We encourage you to reach out soon so that we can keep you feeling confident whenever you are behind the wheel of the vehicle you have chosen from our dealership.

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